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Ads in disguise

We create ad campaigns on all popular platforms. Most known are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google search and Youtube. Yet, are ads still working? Important to understand is that the consumer is in controle. Consumers are tired of seeing your ads, probably even hating every pre-roll on a Youtube video. The only way to overcome this is by showing them at the right time based on data, and providing actual value. 

Raising Awareness

How do you raise awareness around a service or product if nobody knows you? You need to have a campaign, next to your traditional digital marketing, that strikes customers. Depending on your business, we find the right solution. This could be a referral campaign that shares your message across the internet, inspiring virality in a specific target audience or niche. Maybe you need an awesome video with the right action plan. We go from ideation to execution.

Campaigns using technology

For example, chatbots is a technology that can be used in an cost-effective way. Customer service can be automated. Depending on your project, we can custom create your chatbot in code, but this is not always necessary. What makes chatbots cheaper and a lot more accessible or maintained, is software you can use in-house. Together, we determine the right flows and you leave the technical part to us. Analysing results should be easy with the included dashboard. While a chatbot is only an example, we have much more ideas up our sleeve.


Fantastic workflow to get things up and running for our online store. Working with Webwonders not only gave us a fast product launch, we have also learned what is possible in the online world. Great experience. Fun folks. Good vibes.

Jorg Snoeck – Founder at RetailDetail bvba



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